The Agrell family originally stems from the heartlands of Sweden, more specifically the region around lake Mälaren. Derived from latin's "agrare" (to cultivate, grow), the name refers to the agricultural origins of the family.

All in all there are apparently 262 persons in Sweden with the last name Agrell (SCB 2007), for more information about other Agrells you can visit the website run by another family or

So what is all this fuss about having a corporate website for an expatriated family, couldn't we have solved that with a phone call or an occasional email. Is this not yet another attempt to falsely boost your ego by creating presumptions frameworks for everyday tasks? An entropy that brings the Internet closer to the true definiton of anticlimax?

Hey, that is pretty harsh, huh? If somebody offers you a glimpse in their family album, wouldn't you take a look? Especially if the album was accessible (so you needn't bend over that much to see it?) For us, it makes life easier, and if somebody comes along and enjoys it, so what? Actually, if the visitor doesn't enjoy it, we do not care that much either.

This site is graciously sponsored by the problems solvers at Sumicsid that also assist in the management and maintenance of the site. In fact, the family is heavily involved in the operations of the company. And vice versa.